Latest news: availability and safety of HiPP products in light of the current situation with COVID-19

Germany: Pfaffenhofen (Bavaria), April 2020

The rapid global spread of the corona virus is causing great uncertainty among parents and consumers

For, HiPP the protection of our small customers and consumers as well as the protection of our employees is our top priority.

Against the background of this responsibility, we are monitoring the effects of the novel corona virus very closely and will inform you promptly about any new development affecting our HiPP products.

Are HiPP products safe?

Yes, HiPP products are safe.

Our baby and infant food complies with the strictest hygienic requirements, which we ensure through comprehensive measures during production.

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is also reassuring: there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted via food.

For you as parents: Always follow the general recommendations of everyday hygiene when preparing and storing baby formula and meals for your child.

  1. wash your hands thoroughly before preparing the meal and before feeding
  2. prepare the meals fresh and feed them soon after preparation
  3. store the products according to the instructions on the packaging

Can the virus be transmitted via packages or other surfaces?

In general, corona viruses are not particularly stable on dry surfaces. A transmission via so-called "inanimate" surfaces is considered very unlikely. This includes infections via surfaces such as imported goods or mail.

It is much more important to consider thorough hand washing as the best protective measure, as recommended by the WHO

Regular and thorough hand washing is an important part of personal hygiene and can protect against a variety of infections.

Where can I inform myself as a consumer?

WHO are providing comprehensive and understandable information on their websites:



Can there be supply shortages in trade?

As a producer of baby food we have a special responsibility at this time.

It is not only about providing baby food in HiPP organic quality. It is just as important to ensure the supply of our small customers with HiPP products in all our markets in the current time of increased demand.

Currently, we are well able to meet the market demand for milk formula and baby food.

However, we have also put together a comprehensive package of measures with which we are well positioned should there be additional demand. To this end, we have, among other things, adjusted our production volumes significantly upwards.

Please also visit for detail your local consumer-website.