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Newsletter - January 2021

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We are pleased to present you our HiPP Science newsletter for healthcare professionals!

Current studies summarised & reviewed:
Read interesting articles on the topic of paediatrics and nutritional medicine. We hope you will find them interesting!

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Dr. Stephanie Ruf
Editor of HiPP for Health Care Professionals

Viral symptoms associated with pharyngitis lower the statistical risk of a group A Streptococcus Infection

The retrospective analysis of the electronic health records of 67,127 children and adolescents, whose chief complaint was a sore throat, led to…

NEW Webinar! The Impact of Toxic Chemicals on Organic Food on Health

Lecture held on the 10th International Conference on Children’s Health and the Environment – INCHES on 1 December 2020
Dr. Bruce Lanphear, MD, MPH
Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Faculty of Health Sciences, Simon Fraser University Vancouver, Canada

Can an Organic Diet reduce an individual’s exposure to Pesticides?

A study investigated whether exposure to pesticides can be reduced by switching from a conventional diet to an organic diet.

Which home remedies work?

Chicken soup for colds and ginger for nausea? Do these home remedies really work and is there any scientific evidence to prove it?

Honey relieves Coughs

A persistent cough is distressing, disturbs the whole family’s sleep and is normally treated with one of the numerous cough medications on the market, whose effectiveness is rarely sufficiently tested. An old household remedy – honey – is another popular demulcent.

Infant Colic: No efficacy of an infant formula containing L. reuteri, hydrolysed protein and reduced lactose content

Between 5% and 30% of all babies between two weeks and three months of age suffer from colic. These difficult to diagnose abdominal cramps are associated with...

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