NEW: HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC® with Metafolin® - the natural folate form as found in human milk

With breast milk, the infant receives 5-MTHF, the metabolically active form of folate. The logical next step is to also add a folate source to formulae that resembles that in breast milk: HiPP COMBIOTIC® with Metafolin® – one step closer to nature’s example.

Our natural dairy ingredients

HiPP’s own standards for organic production go far beyond those guaranteed by the EU Organic Logo. But which standards does HiPP go beyond? What does the HiPP Organic Seal stand for and why is organic quality so important for children’s health?

Special features of HiPP infant milk

Unique combination: reduced protein content, synbiotic & organic, HiPP compared to other milk formulae; the breast milk protective complex; benefits of combined feeding of prebiotics and probiotics

Prepare infant formula safely

Step by step to the ready-to-drink bottle feed.
Powdered infant formulae are low-germ, but not sterile. That means that they might contain a very marginal amount of unfavourable germs. To Prevent...


HiPP organic palm oil – from fair and sustainable production

Palm oil is used in infant formulae for nutritional reasons to best replicate the fatty acid spectrum of breast milk. Palm oil can be highly sustainable, provided that it is produced according to fair and ecological principles.

Appropriately low protein content and improved protein quality

HiPP COMBIOTIC® first infant milk with reduced protein content. Read about the "early-protein hypothesis" and how obesity can be prevented in childhood.