HiPP goes beyond Organic

HiPP’s own standards for organic production go far beyond those guaranteed by the EU Organic Logo. But which standards does HiPP go beyond? What does the HiPP Organic Seal stand for and why is organic quality so important for children’s health?

Organic raw materials are beneficial
for children’s health

HiPP Organic Seal
Our natural dairy ingredients – in the best organic quality
Our unique HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC® formulation
Environmentally friendly packaging

Organic raw materials are beneficial for children’s health

The younger someone is, the more sensitive they are:
Pesticides and heavy metals have a particularly strong influence on the growing organism.


  • The blood-brain barrier is not yet fully developed and is therefore more permeable to toxic substances.
  • Fast growing cells are more susceptible to toxins.
  • The main detoxifying organs (liver and kidneys) are still immature.

Even the smallest amounts of pollutants can cause tremendous damage to foetuses, infants and toddlers.

HiPP Organic Seal

Long before official regulations on organic farming came into effect, HiPP – a pioneer of organic farming – paved the way for the organic baby food boom. To this day, the HiPP Organic Seal stands for measures that HiPP has been committed to implementing for decades.

Our natural dairy ingredients – in the best organic quality

 …for the past 30 years
✔ produced without the use of chemically synthesised pesticides or genetic engineering
✔ rich in valuable nutrients
✔ from Germany and its neighbouring countries
✔ for the preservation of our climate and biodiversity
✔ our fat blend is made up of sustainable and organic sunflower, rapeseed and palm oil - for an optimal fatty acid spectrum

Palm oil is an integral part of our fat blend as it is the best supplier of palmitic acid – the predominant saturated fatty acid in breast milk. HiPP is the only company to source organic palm oil exclusively from sustainable plantations, which are also largely Rainforest Alliance Certified™.

Our unique HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC® formulation

with probiotics and prebiotics, following nature’s example

We are strictly opposed to functional ingredients that can only be produced using genetically modified organisms:
prebiotics GOS in organic quality: derived from pure organic lactose
natural probiotics: HiPP is the only formula brand to rely on an unmodifi ed natural lactic
acid culture from breast milk*
✔ abstaining from using genetic engineering and animal experiments in our research

An ideal combination: Supports the development of beneficial gut microbiota and protects against gastrointestinal infections**.

* Breast milk contains a large number of natural lactic acid cultures that can vary from mother to mother
** Maldonado J et al. J Pediatr Gastroenterol Nutr 2012; 54(1):55-61. Gil-Campos M et al. Pharmacol Res 2012; 65(2):231-238.

Environmentally friendly packaging

HiPP makes every effort to reduce packaging material to an absolute minimum and to protect resources.
✔ 99% of our folding box can be recycled
✔ lower carbon emissions than with metal cans
✔ vegetable oil-based printing inks – mineral oil-free