HiPP & Sustainability

Taking responsibility to make the future worth living.

Now in our fourth generation, we have a special responsibility for the future. We want our children and grandchildren to inherit a world worth living in, and worth loving – a goal that has inspired us for over five decades.
It’s one thing to talk about sustainability - but quite another to embrace it every day as the responsibility at the core of entrepreneurial action. Whenever we make decisions and develop new products, the first thing we do is to ask: What effect will they have on the world of tomorrow? The philosophy of our company focuses on conservation of nature, respectful treatment of nature’s precious resources and protection of biodiversity, and with good reason. Our products are primarily designed for parents who want to feed their children as healthily as possible and give them a future worth living. For the past four decades we have done our utmost to give them the best support in this important task. But our responsibility also extends to our suppliers, our staff and their families. Because we know from experience that long-term success needs a strong foundation of ethical values – including responsibility for all creation.

Prof. Dr. Claus Hipp