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Here you can find out about the newest scientific recommendations and study results on nutrition and breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding & Breast milk

In addition to the activities of the HiPP Human Milk Workshop, we also report on studies on the topic of “breastmilk & breastfeeding”.

Research on HiPP Milk Formulae

In this section, we present HiPP’s research on milk formulae. Here you can get comprehensive information on the research conducted on our formula products.

Infant Nutrition

Here you can find a collection of current recommendations concerning infant nutrition as well as studies examining the characteristics of nutrition during baby’s first year of life. The key themes are the introduction and feeding of solids.

Pregnancy & Birth

In this section, we have compiled new insights into the topic of nutrition during pregnancy – for good nutrient supply and the healthy development of the baby.

HiPP Research Group on Human Milk

The HiPP Research Group on Human Milk studies the components of breast milk and their positive effect on babies’ health. We then take the most recent findings into account as we continue to develop our products.