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HiPP Milk Formulae

Our HiPP milk formulae are developed by experts in infant milks. Right from the beginning fifty years ago, our development work has always been based on the latest scientific findings. 
Read on for detailed information on HiPP infant milk and baby nutrition.

Milk formula during the first year

Breastfeeding is the first choice; composition of milk formula; differences: breast milk - milk formula – cow’s milk and much more
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Special features of HiPP infant milk

Unique combination: prebiotics and probiotics,  supreme organic quality & reduced protein content. The breast milk protective complex & benefits of combined feeding of prebiotics and probiotics
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The new generation of milk formula

HiPP Hypoallergenic COMBIOTIC®


Infant formulae with hydrolysed protein

HiPP organic milk formula

HiPP Organic milk formula

Natural from the start

HiPP organic milk formula

HiPP organic goat’s milk

Top quality with the best of nature

HiPP Growing-up/Junior milk

HiPP Growing-up/Junior milk

Because milk matters for children

HiPP Special Formula

HiPP Special formula

For infants and toddlers

From research

HiPP Research Group on Human Milk

The HiPP Research Group on Human Milk studies the components of breast milk and their positive effect on babies’ health. We then take the most recent findings into account as we continue to develop our products.

Research on HiPP Milk Formulae

In this section, we present HiPP’s research on milk formulae. Here you can get comprehensive information on the research conducted on our formula products.

HiPP organic palm oil – from fair and sustainable production

Palm oil is used in infant formulae for nutritional reasons to best replicate the fatty acid spectrum of breast milk. Palm oil can be highly sustainable, provided that it is produced according to fair and ecological principles.

Suitable HiPP info material

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