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Newsletter - July 2022

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Current studies summarised & reviewed:
Read interesting articles on the topic of paediatrics and nutritional medicine. We hope you will find them interesting!

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Successful hyposensitisation of young children with peanut allergy

Peanut allergy is the most common IgE-mediated food allergy in children. The success of hyposensitisation treatment in older children is questionable. Until now, the only option for young children has been…

Suspected diagnosis “febrile seizures”: What renders the need for further diagnostics unnecessary?

In cases of “febrile seizures” any inflammatory conditions must be ruled out, especially all types of meningitis. Most children presenting with febrile seizures for the first time…

Watch our NEW HiPP Webinars!

ESPGHAN Congress Webinars: Nutritional strategies to improve the gut microbiota in non-breastfed infants born by caesarean section

Why do infants born by caesarean section have an unfavourable gut microbiota and why should we change that? …and more!

Promoting healthy eating habits in infants and children

When it comes to healthy and varied nutrition for children, theory and practice are often far apart. Especially when it comes to vegetable consumption, parents often despair because their children reject vegetables. Also Studies prove…

NEW: HiPP formula from organic goat's milk

Beneficial protein composition for a balanced digestion. Find out more about the new goat's milk

Diabetes mellitus type 1: Semi-automatic insulin pumps improve glycaemic control

The purpose of automated insulin pumps, i.e. insulin pumps controlled by the glucose concentration in the subcutaneous adipose tissue, is to improve the glucose turnover rate. In a multicentre study…

Current studies summarised & commented
Read interesting articles about paediatrics & nutritional medicine!
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