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Organic Weaning: The PLUS in every HiPP jar

Product safety

Every jar has its own individual quality number.
The number on the edge of the lid makes it possible to trace every individual ingredient back to its origin, e.g. organic carrots can be traced back to the field.


Organic raw materials

We have been committed to organic farming for more than 60 years. This involves, for example, careful selection of fields, no use of chemically synthesised sprays, natural protection of plants and keeping of animals in a manner that is appropriate for their species.

HiPP organic quality has always exceeded the legal requirements laid down in the EC Organic Farming Regulation. That is why there is a special HiPP organic seal.
Read more about the HiPP Organic Seal


HiPP products are based on the latest nutritional findings, e.g. Omega-3 fatty acids from organic rapeseed oil. Alpha- linolenic acid, an Omega 3 fatty acid - contributes to brain and nerve tissue development. The addition of rapeseed oil to lunchtime menus has a measureable influence on an infant’s supply of fatty acids and improves it. The concentration of long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids (LCP) in the plasma of infants was significantly increased due to rapeseed oi(1).
Rapeseed oil is recommended by the German Research Institute of Child Nutrition.


No genetically modified ingredients in HiPP jars.
*according to the EC Organic Farming Regulation.

For Russia: Environmental protection. Environmental management system according to ISO 14001.

(1) Schwartz et al. Modification of dietary polyunsaturated fatty acids via complementary food enhances n-3 LCPUFA synthesis in healthy infants: a double blinded randomized controlled trial. Arch Dis Child 2009;94:876-882

Suitable HiPP info material

HiPP Organic Baby Food (AL47540)

Professional Information: HiPP Organic Seal: Special quality & responsibility - a matter of tradition.