HiPP goes beyond Organic

HiPP’s own standards for organic production go far beyond those guaranteed by the EU Organic Logo. But which standards does HiPP go beyond? What does the HiPP Organic Seal stand for and why is organic quality so important for children’s health?

Why is HiPP using organic ingredients?

Organic versus conventional farming
HiPP Organic Seal

Why is HiPP using organic ingredients?

For more than 60 years, the family-owned company HiPP has been producing organic baby food. HiPP was swimming against the tide at the time and also faced great resistance as we developed our organic farming practices. However, by putting our heart and soul into it, we managed to set new standards for baby food and beyond.

HiPP’s organic contract farmers feed and keep their animals in a species-appropriate manner. When it comes to our farming methods, environmentally friendly crop protection, natural fertilisation as well as maintaining soil fertility are our top priorities. This way, we are able to produce foods that are both sustainable and environmentally sound.

“If you want to learn how to use the best from nature, you also need to learn how to do the best for nature.”

Organic versus conventional farming

Advantages of organic farming compared to conventional farming:

  • More sustainability
  • Improving animal health, reducing antibiotics resistance 
  • Greater biodiversity both in and above the ground 
  • Greater diversity of functional groups (herbivores, pollinators, predators and producers) 
  • Better soil quality, less erosion, lower environmental impact 
  • Lower nutrient losses, fewer greenhouse gas emissions 
  • Greater energy efficiency 

Organic means saying NO to: 

  • Genetic engineering
  • Chemically synthesised pesticides
  • Mineral fertilisers
  • The use of growth hormones in livestock

HiPP Organic Seal

Long before official regulations on organic farming came into effect, HiPP – a pioneer of organic farming – paved the way for the organic baby food boom. To this day, the HiPP Organic Seal stands for measures that HiPP has been committed to implementing for decades.

"The HiPP Organic Seal guarantees the highest quality standards, surpassing even those of the EU."