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HiPP Comfort Special Formula

In cases of wind, colic* & constipation

*in case of lactose-induced three months‘ colic

The HiPP Comfort Special Formula contains special ingredients that have shown to have a favourable impact on the digestive function.

  • From birth onwards, thus consistently with added LCPs
  • Hydrolysed protein - significantly fewer gastro-intestinal symptoms and crying when protein hydrolysate is given1,2 
  • Reduced lactose content reduces wind in the case of a temporary shortage of lactase3 and up to 40% less crying3-5
  • Special fat structure, closer to that of breast milk and reduces the formation of calcium soap and provides for soft stool and less constipation6,7
  • The only comfort formula with Lactobacillus fermentum* and prebiotic dietary fibres (GOS)
  • Easily digestible

* Lactobacillus fermentum CECT5716
Breast milk contains a large number of different natural cultures that may differ individually.


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Unspecific indigestion – a frequent and relevant problem during the first months of life!

  • Up to 40% of all infants experience unspecific indigestion such as e.g. wind, colic or constipation during their first months of life1,2
  • Symptoms are usually accompanied by excessive crying – many parents feel helpless and find it extremely stressful
  • Extreme responses (e.g. shaking) pose a risk to a baby’s health
  • Dietetic measures can help to ease the problems3,4


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HiPP Comfort (AL45386)

Professional Information: The only comfort formula with Lactobacillus fermentum and prebiotic dietary fibres: In cases of wind, colic & constipation.