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HiPP ORS 200 Carrot Product Information (AL40118)

Carrot and Rice-based Oral Rehydration Solution.

HiPP ORS Carrot Directions for use (AL40260 Carrot)

HiPP ORS Apple Folder (AL47542)

Professional Information: Apple-based Oral Rehydration Solution: To compensate loss of liquid and electrolytes in case of diarrhoea.

HiPP ORS Apple Direction for use (AL40260 Apple)

Apple-based Oral Rehydration Solution

HiPP ORS Apple Study (AL47543)

Study Report: Efficacy and safety of a new apple-flavoured oral rehydration solution in children with acute gastroenteritis

HiPP Diarrhoea in children and ORS (AL40403)

Parents Information: Diarrhoea/acute Gastroenteritis in children.