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Oral Rehydration Solution

HiPP ORS 200 & HiPP ORS Apple

Oral Rehydration Solution helps in case of diarrhoea in infants and toddlers - only in the context of a medical prescription.

  • Suitable for infants from 4 months and toddlers
  • Ready to drink
  • Dietetic food for special medical purposes. Only available in pharmacies!
  • Safe and clinically efficient therapy of acute gastroenteritis in infants and toddlers 1,2
  • No added lactose, milk protein and no sweeteners and flavouring

1 Piescik-Lech et al. Acta Paediatrica 2012; 101: e458–e464
2 Pietschnig et al. Monatszeitschr. Kinderheilkd. 1992; 140:426-430

ORS 200

Carrot and Rice-based Oral Rehydration Solution

  • Due to the adhesion-inhibiting properties of the carrot, the adhesion capacity of pathogenic micro-organisms in the upper intestinal tract (common diarrhoea trigger) is reduced1

1 Kastner U 2002, Guggenbichler JP 1983

HiPP ORS Apple

Apple-based Oral Rehydration Solution

  • Recent study shows: The new Apple ORS is as safe and as effective as the established standard ESPGHAN ORS1
  • Apple ORS as a new attractive variety of flavour

1 Piescik-Lech et al. Acta Paediatrica 2012; 101: e458–e464

Directions for Use

1. Fluid and Mineral Replacement (rehydration) during the first 3– 4 hours:

Unless prescribed otherwise, infants and children are given about 10 ml per body weight and percent dehydration:

  • In the case of minimal dehydration (loss of up to 3% of the body weight): HiPP ORS 200 in a quantity of 20-30 ml/kg body weight within 3-4 hours.
  • In the case of mild to moderate dehydration (loss of 3-8% of the body weight): oral administration of HiPP ORS 200 in a quantity of 30-80 ml/kg body weight in 3-4 hours.
    In a child weighing 10 kg with a 5% loss in body weight this equals approx. 500 ml HiPP ORS 200 given over 3 to 4 hours, i.e. 125-165 ml/hour.

Dietetic therapy: oral rehydration and subsequent realimentation (diagramm)

2. Realimentation after 3 to 4 hours

In this phase, feeding with well-tolerated foods is started again:

  • Breastfed infants continue to be breastfed.
  • Bottle-fed infants in the 1st half year of life receive their accustomed milk formula again after the rehydration phase, number of bottles a day and drinking quantity as usual. It is not necessary to use lactose-free or lactose-reduced milk formulae.
  • Infants that are already on weaning foods receive their usual milk formulae and weaning food in full quantity and concentration after the rehydration phase. In severe cases, however, realimentation may also be provided in increments.
  • Older children initially receive a light diet and teas, starting e.g. with HiPP Baby’s First Carrot, HiPP Baby Carrots with Potatoes, HiPP Baby’s First Pumpkin, HiPP Pumpkin with Potatoes, HiPP Baby’s First Parsnip, HiPP Baby’s First Banana or HiPP Apple and Banana. Juices with a high sugar content (saccharose, fructose, sorbitol) should be avoided. The diet should return to a normal age-adequate diet after two to not more than five days.

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