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Organically farmed vegetables

Organic vegetables for HiPP are cultivated completely naturally, without the use of chemical or synthetic pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers. Our contract farmers keep the health of their crop and soil in excellent condition with green manure and an intelligent crop rotation system, while birds and beneficial insects are in charge of pest control. We may harvest smaller quantities but, by employing natural methods, we protect the climate, the groundwater and improve the quality of our ingredients.

Organically farmed fruit

We control pests the natural way, e.g. by protecting and promoting their natural enemies such as birds and ladybirds. Herb extracts are used to control fungal infestation. All of these methods are in line with our principle: no chemistry, just nature.

Organic cereals and rice

Before a field can become a HiPP organic field, one of our experts checks the soil quality by taking several samples per field and analysing them in our labs. The field is only eligible for the cultivation of HiPP organic crops if the samples meet our strict quality requirements. By choosing open fields, we allow the wind to blow away pests, and by planting different herbs around our fields, we provide a habitat they prefer to our fields.

“More sustainable and more climate-friendly
... because healthy soils release less CO2 and our jars are produced in a climate-neutral way.”

Species-appropriate husbandry

Species-appropriate husbandry and feeding of livestock are a central element of organic farming. The statutory provisions are very strict: the fodder must be sourced from organic farms and must not contain any antibiotics, performance-enhancing substances or genetically modified raw materials. Animal health is also ensured by the appropriate choice of breeds, ample freedom to move, large barns and sufficient light.

HiPP employees regularly check the compliance with all the requirements of animal protection demanded by HiPP on site. These comprehensive process checks enable us to guarantee our consumers that animal husbandry is kind and species-appropriate.

Only organic fodder for cattle and calves

Organic cattle

Cattle and calves live on local organic farms and can roam free outdoors. This makes them robust and boosts their natural resilience. They are perfectly healthy. Prophylactic medication is strictly forbidden. Our animals feed on organic vegetable fodder only.

HiPP organic chickens are free range; they can bathe in the sand and scratch the soil

Organic chickens

Our organic chickens come from sustainably managed poultry farms: they can run freely, take dust baths and scratch the soil. They are fed with organic vegetable chicken feed. Poultry keeping is subject to regular veterinary supervision and must be seamlessly documented. Turkeys are also allowed to live naturally without their beaks being trimmed.

Fish from sustainable fishing

HiPP uses only MSC-certified fish from organic aquaculture. MSC guarantees that the fisheries controlled by it meet the specified environmental standards, conserve the fish populations and operate according to efficient management principles.

To guarantee the best quality fish environmental conditions are regularly analysed and fishing grounds of particular excellence in the open seas are selected.

With all of these measures, HiPP also helps to prevent the overfishing of seas and to protect the fish populations so that our little consumers of today will still have sufficient fish resources available when they grow up.

The Marine Stewardship Council is an independent, international non-profit organisation certifying sustainable fishing. Independent auditors check continuously whether the fisheries meet the high standards of the MSC. The MSC standard guarantees that the fish comes from a certified fishery that protects the environment as well as the fish stock.

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