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Food & Drinks

HiPP Organic Weaning Food (AL47541)

Professional Information: Introducing complementary food

HiPP Organic Baby Food (AL47540)

Professional Information: HiPP Organic Seal: Special quality & responsibility - a matter of tradition.

Vegetarian Diet for Babies and Toddlers (AL48813)

What has to be taken account? Vegetarian diets get more and more popular, also for babies and toddlers. Particularly during this critical phase of infancy and toddlerhood, children need nutrients-rich foods in their diets.

1st HiPP Scientific Symposium on ORGANIC Food (AL48664)

In October 2018 the 1st HiPP Scientific Symposium on Organic Food took place. Four well-known speakers talked about environmental, health and economic aspects of producing and consuming organic food. Detailed summary of all lectures:

Compact Advice: Toddler- family food (AL47667)

Current recommendations for the transition from weaning food to family food

Compact Advice: Weaning Food (AL47289)

Introduction of solids: When, what and how?