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with Metafolin®

Natural folate form as found in human milk

Folate is indispensable for pregnant women and infants

The B vitamin is involved in the synthesis of purine and pyrimidine and thus in RNA and DNA synthesis. In the body, it plays a crucial role in cellular differentiation, regeneration and formation, and are therefore indispensable for growth, blood formation and brain development1,2. For this reason, an adequate folate supply is not only essential for women before and during pregnancy, but also for infants and young children to aid in their growth and development2,3.

Fig.1 Folate for cell division and tissue growth during pregnancy & breastfeeding


Natural folate form (5-MTHF) as found in human milk: immediately available and safe

5-MTHF is the predominant form of naturally occurring folate in the blood5. Unlike folic acid, it does not need to be converted or activated and exerts its effects immediately. Some people cannot convert sufficient amounts of the synthetic form of this B vitamin into its metabolically active form. The reason for this is a restricted or limited activity of individual enzymes6,7. Up to 2021, synthetic folic acid has been prescribed by law as the standard for formulae. With breast milk, the infant receives 5-MTHF, the metabolically active form of folate. The logical step is to also add a folate source to formulae that resembles that in breast milk: HiPP COMBIOTIC® with Metafolin® – one step closer to nature’s example.

Fig.2 Conversion of folic acid in the body to the biologically active form 5-MTHF

*Metafolin® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany.

Metafolin® – the safety choice for formulae

A controlled study has been carried out to determine the safety of Metafolin® fortified formula. The results show that children who received this bioactive folate form showed adequate growth and development. The folate levels in these infants (intervention group) were comparable to that of the breastfed infants in the control group8. This means that every baby can benefit from a formula that already contains the bioactive folate form. Metafolin® (the calcium salt of 5-MTHF) has received a positive evaluation from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for use in formulae and has recently also been included in the respective legal regulations9.


Safety is our most important ingredient
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HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC® with Metafolin®: bringing us one step closer to nature’s example.

HiPP Metafolin® Infoarticle (AL40538)

Importance of folate for pregnant women and babies

HiPP Metafolin® Study Report (AL40406)

Clinical study proves safety and suitability of Metafolin® in infant formulae.

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