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Philosophy & skin tolerance behind HiPP Baby- & Mamasanft

The whole care of HiPP – naturally for baby’s & mum’s skin

HiPP Babysanft – free from paraffin oil and strictly free from anything that could do harm –

to reduce the allergy risk to a minimum:
• free from fragrances suspected of causing allergies1
• free from essential oils
• free from the fragrance majantol
• free from added colourings2
• free from parabens

to burden the skin as little as possible:
• free from soaps and with especially mild washing substances only – to protect the skin’s natural acid mantle that is not yet fully mature
• free from PEG-emulsifiers
• free from alcohol (ethanol)

1 In accordance with Cosmetics Regulation
2 Exception Family Bath and Children´s bubble bath: food colorant

HiPP strictly avoids:

  • Dermatologically confirmed skin tolerance
  • With high-quality, purely plant oils
  • With organic almond oil – especially well tolerated by sensitive and dry skin and thus ideal for infant skin care
  • Very well tolerated by highly sensitive skin and skin prone to neurodermatitis: HiPP Babysanft basic product range has been clinically tested for tolerance according to scientific dermatological standards