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Infant formula – from birth onwards

  • Hydrolysed protein 
  • Contains lactose only
  • Natural lactic acid culture L. fermentum (originally obtained from breast milk)*
  • Prebiotic GOS**: effective support for a healthy gut microbiota
  • Valuable LCPs - according to recommendations1

* Breast milk contains a variety of natural cultures which can vary individually.
** Galacto-oligosacchrides derived from lactose
1 Koletzko B et al., The roles of long-chain polyunsatured fatty acids in pregnancy, lactation and infancy: review of current knowledge and consensus recommendations, J. Perinat. Med. 36, 2008, 5-14

Suitable HiPP info material

HiPP HA COMBIOTIC® Folder (AL40658)

To balance the infant immune system.

Allergy prevention during the first year of life (AL48812)

Current recommendations for preventing allergies

The GOLF III trial: recently published in AJCN (41934)

HiPP COMBIOTIC® shows positive effects on gut microbiota profiles.

HiPP Scientific Dossier L.ferm. GOS (AL47836)

L. fermentum CECT5716 and Galacto-oligosaccharides in HiPP ORGANIC COMBIOTIC® formulae.