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HiPP Growing-up/ Junior milk

An ideal complement to a toddler's diet from the 12th month onwards.
Composition according to current recommendations:

  • Adjusted to the nutritional needs of toddlers
  • Specific adaptation of critical nutrients:
    - iron for growth, blood formation and cognitive development
    - iodine for thyroid function and cognitive development
    - vitamin D for bones and teeth as well as the immune system
  • With valuable omega-3 fatty acids for positive effects on fat metabolism
  • Orientated towards low-fat cow’s milk
  • Protein content suitable for toddlers

Growing-up milk study shows an improved vitamin D supply in winter and safe intake in summer.

EFSA report1 shows: Toddlers in Europe are at risk for inadequate supply of certain nutrients.
Using growing-up milk improves the supply of nutrients.

1 EFSA Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies. EFSA Journal 2013; 11: 3408
* Drinking recommendation of the German Research Institute of Child Nutrition per day
** Represented as α-linolenic acid

Important notice: Depending on country-specific legislation and recommendation, the ingredients in HiPP Growing-up/Junior milk can differ. Please visit for detail your local consumer-website.


Growing-up Milk


For growing toddlers

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